We convert damaged tires into savings

Specializing in products and technology that can recover approximately 70% of damaged tires


WSP - Italian Technology


Creators of the cable replacement technology. The original and still the best.

  • WINDOW : Preparation of the damaged area.
  • STEEL : Application of the steel cable.
  • PROTECTOR : Application of the Protector unit.
JKC Equipment

What We Offer

  • TAP RAP tire repair material.
  • Vulcanizing systems for truck and OTR tires.
  • Customized and Certified Tire Repair Training.
  • Wide range of shop and hand tools.
  • Air compressors for mobile tire repair and maintenance operations.

What We Can Do

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Repair Extreme Injuries

Which are not possible with conventional methods.

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Reconstruct Damaged Tires

Using TAP RAP's unique repair material & technology.

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Reduce Tire Purchases

By recovering damaged tires, you reduce tire purchases. 

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Recover Damaged Tires

Recover 70% + of damaged tires deemed as scrap.

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Reusing damaged tires will dramatically reduce rejected tires in landfills.