About Us

JKC Equipment has been servicing the tire repair industry, retreaders, and mines companies for the last 11 years. We are the authorized distributors for TAP RAP repair material for North and Latin America. 

We provide customized basic and advanced tire repair training in TAP RAP's Italian repair technology, with certificates. Our technical personnel have 25+ years in the tire repair industry and we offer training in both English and Spanish.

The companies that have implemented this technology in their truck and OTR repair departments, have recovered approximately 70% of damaged tires. Apart from extending the life of the repaired units, they have reduced their purchasing budget of new tires, resulting in considerable savings. Most importantly, this has reduced a great number of tires that are sent to the landfills, which is a serious environmental concern. 

We are also distributors for vulcanizing systems, a variety of equipment, tools, and materials from leading manufacturers in the tire industry.

JKC keeps abreast of all the latest technologies in vulcanizing systems and offers different brands to suit your needs and budget.

Our formula: Repair, Retread, Recover, Reuse = Savings.