About Us

JKC Equipment, is one of the main distributors for TAP RAP, a patented Italian tire repair material and innovative repair technology.

We provide an advanced tire repair technology with technical certification to independent Tire Repair, Retread and Mining companies

with in-house tire repair facilities.

Our repair system is based on a combination of TAP RAP tire repair material and radial repair technology, which gives you the ability

to repair small and/or extreme injuries that require the replacement of damaged radial steel cables in truck and OTR tires.

With this method, apart from extending the life of the tire, you can recover up to approximately 70% of damaged tires, which is

economical and most important a positive contribution to the environment.

Our technical personnel have 20+ years in the tire repair industry.

We keep abreast of all the latest technologies in vulcanizing systems and offer different brand to suit your need and budget.

Also available, a variety of equipment, tools and accessories from leading manufactures in the Tire industry to assist with your repair needs.







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