The Art of Tire Repair TAP RAP

Creators of the Cable Replacement Technology

The process consists of removing the steel cords from the damaged area by opening a WINDOW (W) in the most flexible area between the bead to the belt edge of the tire. New STEEL CORDS (S) are then put into place and covered by a PROTECTOR (P) to prevent oxidation of the repair. It has been proven that the repaired sidewall maintains the same flexibility as the original tire.

TAP RAP’S Radial Repair units offers strength and flexibility to allow the tire to run cool.  Stiff repairs cause excess heat which in turn results in repair failures.  To optimize the performance of the repair it is important that the repairs work with the natural flex of the tire. 

The patented TAP RAP steel units is a revolutionary and innovative repair system that offers the ability to repair large injuries without the bulge normally seen with standard repairs.

The flexibility and long life of TAP RAP repair system means that you do not have to remove the unit each time you do another retread: TAP RAP units are permanent repairs.

The TAP RAP repair technology gives you the ability to repair truck and OTR tires that would normally end up causing a disposal problem, by extending the life of the tires. 

TAP RAP is the original and still the best.

WSP - Rev

Thermography test comparison on two repair systems:

TAP RAP - Thermo - 1
  • A cooler area is visible in the repaired zone.
TAP RAP - Thermo 2
  • Significant warming is noticed around the repaired area.