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Tire Repair Material

CR - Radial Steel Cords

CR - Sidewall / Shoulder Steel cords

F - Repair Unit

F - Sidewall injuries.

MC Repair Unit

Repair unit for belt / crow injuries

Universal Repair Unit

U - Universal unit can repair injuries in any area.

TAP RAP is the most important and original tire repair material in the world. Thanks to Mr. Giuseppe Ferrara, who in 1983, in Modugno, Italy.

After many years he put his research into practice and started manufacturing the tire repair material know as the TAP RAP tire repair technology.

Mr. Ferrara applied for and received patents on the materials and techniques he designed.

Today Tap Rap International is the leading force in the design of new and innovative techniques and materials for off road and truck tire repairs.

Tap Rap has become accepted as the product to use when repairing extreme injuries. Tap Rap materials are sold only to factory trained and

authorized users. We look forward to introducing you to the Tap Rap Tire Repair Systems.

The patented Tap Rap repair system is the first truly radial repair technology to come on the market.

The flexibility, strength and long life of Tap Rap material means that you do not have to remove the unit each time you do another retread or repair.

TAP RAP units are permanent repairs and gives you the ability to repair truck and OTR tires that would normally end up causing a disposal problem

in your scrap heap. With Tap Rap repair system, you keep more tires in use.





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