We offer hands-on Customized Basic and Advance Tire Repair courses.  Our repair instructors are professionals that have years of experience in the tire industry.

Courses are based on TAP RAP’s Italian tire repair technology and the application of their patented tire repair material. In the Basic courses, individuals are trained

to repair Sidewall, Shoulder and Crown injuries. In the Advance courses, emphasis is placed on severe injuries with numerous damaged radial cables, injuries in

multiple sections of the tire, as well as, injuries close to the Bead area. 

Our repair technique is based on the reconstruction of the tire applying TAP RAP's unique repair material, which sets the product apart from other

products available in the market. The repair units are manufactured with steel cords and the Sidewall units have a trapezoidal shape with an angle

between the plies, the same as that of the original tire. These repair units are available for injuries in the Sidewall, Shouder, Crown and Bead area,

for truck and up to 63" OTR tires. 

Learning the TAP RAP repair technology participants will be able to repair injuries that are not repairable with conventional materials of methods.

Companies that have introduce these skills and technology in their tire repair department have recovered approximately 70% of their damaged tires.

This technology has been Tested, Trusted and Proven.

At the end of each course, certificates are granted to participants that have successfully complete the training.   

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